BlackBerry OS10用Google Playストアクライアント『Snap v3 Beta 3』が公開されています


Snap v3 Beta 3が で公開されています。

With two beta releases already out there, it’s now time for Snap v3 beta 3. As expected, this release brings along with it several bug fixes and changes including some changes to address download issues, scrolling and there’s now additional layout fixes for the BlackBerry Passport as well. That’s just a small list of additions, you can view the rest below.

Snap v3 Beta 3 (

 ・Fixed download issues for some (Logout and login again if you are having trouble)
 ・Fixed accidental activation of More button while scrolling
 ・Fixed horizontal tab scrolling (now only scrolls one pane at a time)
 ・More layout fixes for Passport
 ・Renamed “Available” to “Library” in My Apps
 ・Added Downloads to action bar
 ・Fixed another issue when pressing Download button before App page loads completely
 ・Added donate button
 ・App version, download size, and release date moved lower on App Page
 ・Content rating, developer email, num downloads added to App Page
Snap v3 Beta 3 now available for download |



Snap v3 Beta – Red Light Of Love, Ltd.

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